At the heart of the harvest

2018 harvest has started very early due, to an anticipated spring followed by an accelerated summer.

In the Eastern part of Friuli, Sauvignon Blanc is taking advantage of this condition producing grapes which are rich in sugar and at the same time high in acidity. The situation is different for Pinot Grigio, which is not showing the same performances at the moment. It could definitely benefit from a longer ripening on the plant, losing a bit of acidity and gaining in complexity.

Chardonnay is well promising, but it is too early to speak about it, while the grapes of the enigmatic Tocai, which are now looking very well, at the tasting show some lack of personality: these last weeks could make the difference.

Climate is on our side, the lowering of temperatures which has started in these days will help us follow our path, even though a certain percentage of risk still remains.