Fatto in Paradiso. A wine made to help Francesca’s Children

It’s been 11 years since Francesca took her way. Some people believed in an idea that was in her heart, and this is the reason why few events to involve people have been made with the aim to start real humanitarian aid. We have been walking this path made out of hope along with New Humanity/P.I.M.E., Suore dell’Immacolata, Comunità di Sant’Egidio and Carinthia University.
Many have been joining us to bring smile on children’s’ faces: we are moved by stories from Burma, India and Equatorial Africa.
We will not forget them, we can do a lot more and, in this time of the year, “Fatto in Paradiso” can be a big opportunity.

I’m talking to everybody’s heart and sensitivity to support a project that can be a light of hope for many children who are living a difficult life in far away countries, where Francesca’s new home is.