Gilbert & Gaillard

JUNE 2017

Lis Neris Tal Lùc Cuvée Speciale 
Golden hue with yellow tints. Rich, honeyed nose delivering dried and stewed apricot, marmalade and ethereal touch. Thick, unctuous palate with superb velvety concentration that stays lively due to refined freshness. Great complex, persistent aromas. A real treat.

Picol –Sauvignon Blanc 2015
Brilliant light hue tinged with green. Expressive herbal nose showing nettle, fern and blackcurrant leaf with lime. Beautiful ethereal, ample and silky presence on the palate. A rich wine that shares its qualities yet stays subtle and precise. A real joy.

Lis Neris Confini 2013
Pale yellow with green tints. Seductive nose of fresh grape, white peach and citrus fruits. Lush, rich, spicy palate showing touches of lychee and smoke. Extremely flavourful. Constantly fills the mouth. Extremely flavourful. Constantly fills the mouth yet creates an impression of lightness. Sterling work

Gris – Pinot Grigio 2015
Brilliant light yellow. Fairly subdued floreal nose showing yellow stone fruit undertones. Fleshy, ample, gratifying palate lifted by nicely harnessed freshness. Fresh and candied lemon drive the mid-palate. An unusual Pinot Grigio with lovely precision.

Jurosa – Chardonnay 2014
Vibrant light gold. Charming nose intermixing white-fleshed fruits, fresh almond and honeysuckle. The palate is round, expressive and focused with savoury freshness and seductive aromas recalling the nose. Elegance and lightness are key themes.

Lis Neris Lis – 2014
Brilliant light yellow. Mature nose combining white fruits and floral notes with smoke and toast. Round, fresh, silky palate with invigorating, precise aromas and a lemony dimension. A successful blend that does not lack character.

MAY 2016

Gris – Pinot Grigio 2014
Pale yellow, green tints. Lovely mature nose of peach, acacia, fine spice and a mineral touch. Full palate with a lovely fleshy, suave, tense mouthfeel. Everything is well-proportioned. Long-lasting finish. A delicious wine with great food versatily. Bravo!

Picol –Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Light yellow with green tints. Expressive nose of acacia, citrus and blackcurrant leaf. Fairly fleshy, rich, silky palte with striking, focused aromas reflecting the nose. Gratifying mid-palate and finish. Consistent from A to Z. Serve with grilled fish.

Jurosa – Chardonnay 2011
Pale crystalline yellow with green tints. Appealing nose of gunflint, white fruits and algae. Well-integrated palate combining fleshy, silky substance, effective exuberance and lovely perfumed expression. Hint of heat on the finish with some spice.

La Vila – Friulano 2013
Brilliant light yellow, green tints. Appealing nose of flint, ripe apple, plum and a floral touch. Round attack, full, silky, rich palate with refined freshness, a lovely sensation of harmony and eloquent finish. Perfect with mussels in a cream sauce.

Lis Neris Lis – 2013
Light yellow with green tints. Endearing nose of flint, citrus and white fruits. Full, easy-drinking, generous and delicately perfumed palate. Spicy mid-palate. Lots of drive throughout and plenty of personality. A beautifully made wine for grilled lobster.

Lis Neris Tal Lùc 2009
Brilliant golden hue. Racy, honeyed nose of overripe tropical and white fruits with a balsamic touch. Lush, velvety, concentrated palate that is nice and lively. Exudes splendid, soft aromas, admirable purity and precision. Sheer pleasure.

JUNE 2015

Lis 2012
Light lemon-yellow, green tints. Racy nose of refined smoke and mineral notes with stone fruits in the background. Silky attack flowing into a full, lively palate introducing spice aromas. Very refined and seductive with a lovely clear-cut, spicy finish.

Lis Neris Confini 2012
Pale yellow with green tints. Seductive nose of rose petal, fresh grape and citrus. Fleshy, silky and concentrated palate displaying a spicy-tropical dimension mid-palate. Its pure, delightful and striking aromas are a real treat. Definitely one to try.

Jurosa – Chardonnay 2012
Brilliant lemon-yellow, green tints. Appealing nose of gunflint and white-fleshed fruits with vanilla. Round, fleshy, rich and delicious palate displaying a lovely blend of fruit and mineral aromas. Its fullness makes it a good match for grilled shellfish.

Picol – Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Brilliant light yellow with green tints. Mature nose intermixing citrus fruits, boxwood and a mineral note. A lively wine on the palate showing vigorous, precise aromas echoing the nose, set against a round, easy-drinking backdrop. Beautiful persistency.

Picol – Sauvignon Blanc 2003
Brilliant yellow-gold. Ripe, intense nose showing great delicacy with notes of ultra ripe fruits and a honeyed touch. The palate retains good freshness and beautiful balance. More of the same, clearly-delineated nose aromas. Drink with fish in a sauce.

Gris Pinot Grigio 2013
Clear, light gold. The nose marries vegetal and fruit notes. Pronounced, tangy character on the palate coupled with a degree of richness. Hallmark aromas of apricot and ripe plum dominate the finish. A potential partner for sweet and sour foods.

AUGUST 2014 

Tal Lùc 2010
Brilliant amber-yellow. Inviting, intense bouquet of yellow flowers, orange blossom and apricot and orange jam. Aromatic, persistent and fruity palate boasting beautifully balanced acidity. Perfect for cheese and biscuits.

 Confini 2010
Straw-yellow bordering on gold. Complex mineral and herbal nose showing Mediterranean aromas with compelling aromatic notes in the background. These recur on the palate with balsamic aromas and notes of bitter almond. An enjoyable partner for fish and meat.

Gris 2011
Straw-yellow. Mature nose driven by mineral, floral and faint fruity notes with recognizable aromas of golden deliciousapple. Mineral palate showing light aromatics and beautiful acidity. Ideal as an aperitif or with whitefish.

Picol 2012 
Pale straw-yellow. Highly expressive and aromatic nose with distinctive varietal character offering up pleasant mineral and herbal notes. Intense, balsamic palate with beautiful acidity. Long finish. Excellent with shellfish.

Jurosa 2011 
Pale straw-yellow. Highly expressive, complex nose of fresh white flowers, ripe yellow fruits (Abate Fetel pear, golden delicious apple) with a delightful mineral touch in the background. Enveloping palate with mineral and fruit notes. Ideal for cheese.

 Lis 2009 
Intense straw-yellow. Intense, complex bouquet driven by mineral and fruit notes of ripe yellow-fleshed fruits with mild spices and pleasurable eucalyptus accents. More of the intensity and the mineral and spice aromas on the palate. Ideal for spicy dishes.

La Vila 2012
Straw-yellow. Fruity nose revealing apple, pear and pineapple accompanied by mineral notes in the background. Beautiful acidity and a savory fruity note on the palate. Ideal as an aperitif or with white fish.


Lis Neris – Note 92/100
Picol Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C 
Straw-yellow. Open, distinctive nose bordering on smoky with aromas of tomato stem and herbs. Elegant, fresh palate showing beautiful volume. Savoury finish tinged with a hint of sourness.
Tasted on 02/08/2013

Lis Neris – Note 88/100
La Vila – Friulano 2011 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C 
Brilliant gold. Open, intense nose revealing aromas of grapefruit and lemon with toasted and vegetal notes in the background. Vertical, fresh, profound palate with a silky texture. Drink with seafood pasta.
Tasted on 02/08/2013

Lis Neris – Note 93/100
Lis 2008 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C
Golden hue. Very elegant perfumed nose. Fresh, well-balanced palate enhanced by a pleasant creamy touch. Persistent, expressive finish. A wine with a beautiful personality drinking well with oven-baked fish.
Tasted on 02/08/2013

Lis Neris – Note 89/100
Tal Lùc 2008 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C
Amber hue. Expressive, concentrated nose driven by dried apricot, honey and a persistent vegetal note. Fresh, mellow palate with slightly peppery fruity aromas. Very enjoyable, elegant finish. Drink with a pear, chocolate and ginger tart.
Tasted on 02/08/2013

Lis Neris – Note 88/100
Gris – Pinot Grigio 2010 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C
Brilliant gold. Open vegetal and floral nose with notes of bread crumb and white pepper. Fresh, easy-drinking palate showing lovely depth and an elegant, long-lasting aftertaste. Serve chilled with oven-baked fish.
Tasted on 02/08/2013

Lis Neris – Note 90/100
Jurosa – Chardonnay 2010 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C 
Brilliant gold with green tints. Intense nose with toast on first pour flowing into white fruit and citrus perfumes. Fresh, crunchy and fruity palate balanced by wonderful verticality. Savoury touch of sourness on the finish. Serve with oven-baked fish.
Tasted on 12/06/2013

Lis Neris – Note 94/100
Confini 2009 Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C 
Deep gold. Open, expressive nose displaying hallmark features of roses in full bloom, elderberry and mild spices backed by a menthol touch. Consistent and harmonious palate with a beautiful uplifting freshness. An unusual wine for creative cuisine.
Tasted on 12/06/2013