Predicting this winter…

Maybe we have gone too far!

In the last years climate changes news have been filling up newspapers, TV programs and social networks, moreover a lot of people talk about them in a very inaccurate way. This subject attracts audience’s attention as if it was a gossip, but different values are involved here.

Me and my wine grower colleagues experience the climate every day and I think that, if we add to our personal experience a bit of power of observation together with the attitude to catalogue events, we could discover interesting things.
For example, in my area, 5 out of the last 10 vintages were characterized by balanced summers with no exaggerated temperatures and rainfalls.
People need to be aware and scared of the problems caused by globl warming and its related consequences. Climate changes occur regularly through the centuries, but nowadays we have more knowledge to face them.

In the same way an urban settlement needs the right position and the right building techniques to avoid problems, the right terroir is the vital element for planting a vineyard.
Mere profit is not the path to follow, the world is already full of negative examples.