Spring 2018

Despite a winter characterized by low temperatures, cold winds (Bora), rains and, especially on the mountains, snowfalls, in these last days of March we are starting to experience milder temperatures.

Rebirth, colors, light, life: these are probably the first words that come up when thinking about Spring. During this season Nature shows most of its beauty and everything come to life again.

Spring has always inspired many legends: the Greek myth of Persphone for instance, which made Nature wake up and flowers bloom; for ancient Romans Flora was the goodness governing blooming of flowers, cereals and fruit trees and looking after everything which came back to life. Ceremonies for fecundity and fertility were celebrated even at the time of Ancient Egypt, on Sham El Nessi day, the first day of Spring. Myths, traditions, philosophy, symbols and ancient rituals were created to describe the astonishment of rebirth.