Novembre 2016

2013 Confini – Score 95
Wery powerful aromas of ripe lemons, peaches and apples follow through to a full body, bright fruit and a clove, dried-lemon and white-pineapple character. Intense spiciness makes this amazing. Pinot grigio, traminer and riesling. Drink now. 

2013 Lis – Score 94
Fascinating aromas and flavors of sliced apples, peaches and light walnuts. Hints of toffee, too. Full and layered with so much fruit and intensity. A great wine. Pinot grigio, chardonnay and sauvignon blank. Drink now.

2014 Jurosa Chardonnay – Score 93
Aromas of dried apricots and apples follow to a full body with layers of fruit and tangy acidity. Hints of lifted oak. Ginger in the midst, too. Beautiful. Drink now. 

201o Lis Neris – Score 90
This is a wine with a dusty texture and tangy acidity. Plenty of berry fruit. Some wood tannins, too. Full body, round and juicy tannins and a medium finish. Drink now.


Ottobre 2015

2013 Gris Pinot Grigio – Score 93
A rich and subtle pinot grigio with mineral, pear and lemon/lime aromas and flavors. Full-bodied, yet bright and dry. Melon aftertaste. Drink now.

2013 Jurosa Chardonnay – Score 93
A beautiful chardonnay with lemon curd, light vanilla and cooked apple aromas and flavors. Full body, lots of delicious ripe fruit and fresh acidity. Yet rich and flavorful. Drink or hold.

2013 Picol Sauvignon Blanc – Score 92
A white with sliced pear, apricot and lemon and aromas and flavors. Full body, bright acidity and intense flavors. Delicious finish. Shows it all.

2013 La Vila Friulano – Score 91
A fresh and tangy white with peach and light mineral aromas and flavors. Medium body. Lots of fruit. Drink now.