We have to go back 18 years before we find another as cold and rainy summer. We have been experiencing features more likely to areas more up north than Friuli.

In the last months we have been involved in vineyard operations generally used in Burgundy and Champagne: leaf thinning to let air and sun reach better the bunch zone as well as several prunings of the new vegetation, to maintain a more mature leaf pattern. An older canopy does not force the vine to get even more water, which it is not needed.

We worked really hard in the vineyard, both in terms of labour and means. However, the frequency of rains encouraged the main vine diseases and reduced the sun exposure.

Wines will have more acidity, that’s why there’s no need to hurry to start the harvest.  Who decides to wait will benefit from every ray of sun, that will give tastes and flavors to the grapes which could increase the value of this difficult vintage.