Talking about seasons

What a strange time… it seems to me that the maturation is going too fast and at the same time too slow! One thing is sure: the frost we had on 21st April left its mark. Vines affected by low temperatures reacted to such a point that now, on the same plant, different maturation stages of the bunches are coexisting. This difference could be overcome if the summer will be regular; from our side, we have all the knowledge and the means to face it.

What I really love about this job is that you can always find a positive side even while facing difficult moments. A vintage that seems to be difficult in the vineyards counterposes itself to two wonderful vintages in the bottle. Traditionali wines 2016 and Selezioni 2015: I cannot remember two vintages in a row with such a high quality. An opportunity not to miss!

Have a great summer


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