In the beginning there was the sea…
a sea that covered nearly the entire region in the tertiary era and that, on receding, led to the creation of sedimentary rocks.
Thus the bedrock was born.

  • 1.

    The Isonzo valley...
    was shaped during the Quaternion ice-ages. The melt waters of the glaciers formed the current geomorphological profile and in the eras that followed the erosive action of wind, rain, frost and snow created a surface layer of clayey, reddish soil, rich in ferric oxide and other minerals. The underlying gravel facilitates the diffusion of water and oxygen, creating an ideal environment for the development of the roots.
    Thus the soil of the Isonzo valley was born.

  • 2.

    This is where Lis Neris vines are grown...
    70 hectars of vineyards planted between the Slovenian border to the North and the right bank of the Isonzo river to the South. The surface gravel, locally called claps, stores the warmth during the day helping the grapes to reach a full ripening.
    Thus powerful wines are born.

  • 3.

    And then there is the Bora...
    prevailing winds from the North-East which create great daytime temperature ranges, helping the aromatic concentration of the grapes and the balance of the acids.
    Thus elegant wines are born.