Wine Club

There are several different ways of communicating that make the world smaller and bring our experiences closer to yours. With this aim we created Lis Neris Wine Club.

A new space for sharing a broad and well organized range of information, for making a virtual tour from the vineyards to the tasting and for discussing in a direct and approachable way all the matters concerning the world of wine and its related connections. Wine as a central theme together with geographic, environmental and historical topics as well as their social and economic implications.

By downloading the app and logging in all members will be able to see the news archive, their virtual cards with all the yearly stamps from the registration date.

The App includes a scanner to read Qrcodes on the labels, letting you view comments and remarks on each wine through active sheets that evolve together with the product itself.

A qualified tool to share all of our opinions


To sign in download here for free our LIS NERIS FAMILY ESTATE APP