Wines And Vintages

Our Traditional range expresses our philosophy with simplicity and naturalness. The grapes are sourced from our younger vineyards and fermentation and maturation take place in stainless steel tanks.


The history and chronicles of the war of Tocai, a bloodless yet high pitched war between Friuli and Hungary, is now enduring since 15 years.
At the moment Hungary is the winner, and Tocai Friulano labels can be released only within Italian borders; out of this Country the wine must be labelled as Friulano.
For what it concerns us, since the beginning we decided to call our Tocai “Fiore di Campo”. A personalized choice, just like its label and the initial target of producing a wine based on Tocai and backed by grapes helping to create a wider complexity and aromatic depth, without being part of what the traditional schemes are.The result is “Fiore di Campo” (Tocai Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling).