Wines And Vintages

The Vineyard Selection range is produced with grapes from our historic vineyards vinified separately according to the variety and the vineyard of origin. Fermentation and maturation take place in 500-litre French oak barrels (tonneau) in order to develop aromatic breadth without modifying the intrinsic character of the wines.


It might sound strange, but until the end of the Seventies a grape so common around the world as Chardonnay was, here in Friuli, confused with Pinot Bianco. Although in the Oriental part of this region such grape variety has a great potential, it has not yet found a place into producers’ hearts. It is anyway possible to find examples proving that they can compete in quality with great Chardonnays from other areas of the world: Jurosa is one of them. Its warmth, combined with its Nordic appeal, delineates its evolution together with its ability to improve and develop through years.