Wines And Vintages

The Vineyard Selection range is produced with grapes from our historic vineyards vinified separately according to the variety and the vineyard of origin. Fermentation and maturation take place in 500-litre French oak barrels (tonneau) in order to develop aromatic breadth without modifying the intrinsic character of the wines.


We started from an idea of pureness, 100% Friulano, but we will continue calling it with its old name. Our purpose is to concentrate only on two elements: environment and grape variety.
We focussed on the pureness of the fruit, letting aside all the techniques which make wines develop in a “forced” way.
His name recalls the typical Friulian habit to describe with one word only even customs and traditions. La Vila was the space where in old country villages the institutional, public and amusement activities used to coexist.